What does it really take to become ripped like a bodybuilder? I Want To Look Like That Guy answers the question by following filmmaker Stuart MacDonald through 2 years of training with Jeff Willet, natural bodybuilder and IFBB Pro. The last 6 months tests the limits of his mind, body, family and friends as they watch him trim down from 30% body fat to under 6% body fat. You won't believe what it really takes to look like that guy!

I Want to Look Like That Guy is taking the fitness and bodybuilding world by storm. High Schools and Colleges have made it part of their libraries and curriculum.

Bodybuilding.com, FHM Magazine, Flex Magazine, Muscle Magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer all have come to the same conclusion, this is a must see film for anyone who wants to truly change their body for the better but with reasonable expectations. I Want to Look Like That Guy is the NEW Super Size Me and Myth Busters wrapped up in a fitness documentary that will have you laughing and gripping you till the very end!
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January 30% Bodyfat
July 6% Bodyfat
July 19 Contest Day
Jeff Willet has been involved in bodybuilding and fitness since 1990. In that time he has won numerous state and national titles most notably the 2003 overall Team Universe Championship which earned him the elite status of IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. For those unfamiliar with the sport, earning IFBB pro status would be the equivalent of playing in the NFL or NBA. Jeff also had the distinct honor of representing the USA on 3 national bodybuilding teams.

Recognized internationally as a health and fitness expert, Jeff’s been featured in all major bodybuilding publications including FLEX, IRONMAN and MUSCLEMAG as well as on television in the Denver, Detroit and Toledo.

In 2004, Jeff brought his unique experience and expertise back to his home town of Adrian, Michigan as owner and operator of Jeff Willet’s Powerhouse Gym.
Super Fitness Model Pauline Nordin Says:
“I wish I had one copy of this dvd for each client I train so they can first go watch it, THEN we discuss what physique goal we are going for. It was great hearing the same true words of "nothing is impossible, but be ready for harder work than you can ever imagine" coming from Jeff Willet who was my role model in the early days of my career. This dvd really shows the truth: you CAN look like the guy in the magazine, but maybe you won´t want it when you see what the price tag for it is!?
"The movie 'I Want to Look Like That Guy" is an inspiring story that teaches a lot more than being successful at creating a great body. It demonstrates what it takes to be successful at ANYTHING you attempt to do in life. This is a must-see movie if you feel that you 'deserve' success and you just can't figure out why it eludes you. Although the movie does a great job of showing what it takes to look like that guy, don't waste the valuable life lessons it teaches only on that pursuit."

Skip La Cour Six-Time National Bodybuilding Champion / Success Coach
Skip La Cour 6 Time National Bodybuilding Champion had this to say:
About Trainer and IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeff Willet
The Movie Reviews Are In!
I want to look like that guy?was great. My wife and I both enjoyed watching it. We now laugh every time we see a commercial for a new so called “fitness?product.
I watched "I want to look like that guy" like 4 times since I got it. Stuart looked like he had been posing his entire life from training with you. Thanks for the great motivation,
I really enjoyed it. It was very inspirational and money very well spent.
"WOW! It was amazing to the see the emotional strain a person goes through. Thank you to Stuart and Jeff for putting this dvd together. It was a very exciting look into the bodybuilding world."
I would like to thank you for telling the truth about bodybuilding in your new DVD. It really opened my eyes on what I can accomplish if I am willing to make the sacrifice. It was one the best films on the subject of bodybuilding keep up the good work.

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