Note from film maker...

​I'm Stuart MacDonald the subject of this film, the guy in the green shirt. I'm 51 and in terrible shape. 7 years ago Jeff Willet, the muscle man next to me, coached me in a documentary called "I Want to Look Like That Guy" and helped me understand what it takes to look like the guy in fitness ads.

Jeff is going to coach me into shape again but this time will be WAY different. It's going to be filmed in REAL TIME over 6 months. You'll see me at my worst and slowly over 6 months you'll watch me transform into a top notch fit athlete. During this time Jeff will be coaching me on nutrition, the mental game and helping me avoid the pit falls we all face that derail progress. 

I'll also be searching for answers to questions from subscribers, interviewing industry experts on a variety of topics. My goal is to have a FULL understanding of fitness, nutrition and the mental game to keep me on track the rest of my life. If you are game, you can follow right along with me and in 6 months you'll be in great shape too. 


The most comprehensive fitness documentary available. Here is what you get:

  • 24 Videos! One per week for six months. Each video up to an hour long containing interviews with industry experts on topics you need to know, workouts and instruction, nutrition and the mental game.

  • A digital copy of I Want to Look Like That Guy

  • A digital copy of the sequel 

Before you start the subscription process watch some of my interviews with Jeff Willet on the video section of this website to understand about the film and my coach Jeff Willet.

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​​​​​​I Want To Look Like That Guy  the Sequel