​​​​​​I Want To Look Like That Guy  the Sequel 

I'm Stuart MacDonald, yes the guy who made the now famous / infamous documentary "I Want To Look Like That Guy." I'm now 51 and find myself 7 years later fat, bloated and in poor health. So I get the idea I need to get in shape again. I tried running, I tried watching what I ate but couldn't get it right. That's when the light came on, I needed to call Jeff Willet my coach from the first documentary. He agreed and we are making history again.



This is a ground breaking film released in real time online.

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I'm hoping that Jeff's system will work even at age 51. There will be issues I'm certain of it. The world has changed so much in the last 8 years; low employment, underpaying jobs, long commutes, longer hours at work, more family pressure, more social pressure, internet influencers, social media influencers and more. It's no wonder our country is consuming 20% more alcohol prior to the crash of 2008. 

I hope, despite the pressures I face, Jeff Willet will help sort it all out and I'll get back into the shape of my life. You may as well follow along weekly, what have you got to lose, a few pounds?